For a PR agency as old as Perfect Relations that advised numerous clients on the importance of packaging and branding, the latter itself came to the organisation almost a decade ago adorned in teal and a Halo. Our identity online and offline became just this. With Perfect Relations expanding to a larger base of a majority of young and vibrant crowd full of creative ideas, vitality and dynamism that spread through 17 offices in India, we realised that our branding was no longer in sync with the vibrancy. Hence, to unite all the traits, and encourage the inculcation of a few more as envisioned by the thought leaders of the company, four equally vibrant colors – yellow, purple, pink and teal were introduced. When the rebranding exercise first started, we also decided to bring with it more ideas on how to incorporate it in the organisation. Visiting cards, ID cards, letterheads, powerpoint presentation templates, excel sheets, the company website, and all other platforms through which we would portray our identity as a happy yet serious, fun but formal organisation. You may think why a PR office needs branding in its premises as most of client meetings would take place in the clients’ offices. And this is where Perfect Relations has always been an organisation that has focused on the employees. Our offices sport appreciation and award certificates, letters, even mails that flood us in an increasing frequency. This makes us proud of the work we’ve been able to achieve, and humble enough to evaluate that as a ‘but one’ performance, wanting to further better our work and achieve greater heights. Thus, branding brings in that unison, where the purpose for all becomes one – to service with the dynamism, creativity, diligence that is evident in our spirit.


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